Single Socket Adaptor & Single USB Port with Mount


TS-01M2(S/L) USB



▪ 180 degree rotating function for its desired position.
▪ Adjustable to hold for all types of mobile phones, smart phones, PDA, GPS/PND & MP3/MP4 devices.
▪ 180 degree rotation plate for desired position vertical or horizontal mode.
▪ Universal mount with PVC flexibility, flexible tube available sizes 17 cm.
▪ Powers two 12V-24V accessories at the same time.
▪ Adjustable screw to fit all types of European, American & Japanese cars.
▪ Input voltage 12V-24V
▪ LED indicator.
▪ Output voltage 12V-24V,
▪ Output current <6A
USB Port:
▪ Output voltage 5V
▪ Output current 2A maximum
Certificates: REACH , RoHS , CE