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OEM/ODM Capability

We accept orders for all products and/or product lines. We also design and manufacture new models and products as well as buyers" logos and labels. All quality standards and approvals are in accordance with buyers" requests.

Staff Details
China Factory : 250
Production Staff : 220
QC Staff: 17
R&D Staff : 13
Taiwan Office : 20
R&D Staff : 4
Financial staff : 4
Sales staff : 6
Purchasing Staff : 3
Shipping staff: 3
Years of OEM/ODM Experience: Available
Design Services Offered: Available
Buyer Label Offered: Available


To reach the target of market re-segmentation, a reliable R&D center and factory support is definitely necessary. Due to the fact of lower labor cost in the Far East, we are in the position to offer a good Service to become your virtual R&D and virtual factory. MONOERIC is a ISO 9001 & 14001 certified company expert in design, manufacture andmarketing cellular and mobile phone accessories. We are able to offer a complete support to our long term partners with the following base:Ability:1. ISO 9001 & 14001 certified System.2. Self-owned 8 production lines in China factory.3. 8 more production lines in China factory.4. 17 well-experienced engineers for product development.5. ID design / tooling design team.6. Wave Soldering, Injection, Molding Equipments.


We believe only high quality product can be accepted by the customers and last for a long-term cooperation. It is also the power of the growth for a company relies on. Concerns the quality not only for product but also for service.QualityProduct and production quality are essential in contemporary industries. Only with a quality orientated attitude can we expect to stand firm in this market.ServiceService is without boundaries. We do our best to satisfy customers" demands and suggestions through constant communication.SpeedTo us speed constitutes both action and communication. If we Ignore the importance of sudden changes in the market, our products will be out of date no matter how creative they are.CostOwing to the spirit of minimizing every expense, we can survive and feed back reasonable prices to our business partner.


High quality in a cost effective and rapid time-to-market manner

Module (both of the Standard & customized Firmware included)

Module + Layout Service (customized hardware PCBA design service)

Test fixture design for both of engineering testing, and mass production

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