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Privacy Policy

This website respects the privacy rights of all users. Please read the following Privacy Policy of this website to help you understand the collection, application, and protection of personal information provided by users on this website. This website will amend this policy from time to time, and when we make significant changes in the regulations on the use of personal data, we will post notices in the bulletin board to notify the relevant matters.     

1.    Acquisition of personal data:  

You do not need to enter personal data to browse this website. The methods for obtaining personal data on this website are described below:

Membership registration: When a user registers as a member on this website, the user will be asked to provide personal information including name, gender, occupation type, address, phone number, email, etc.

Online activities: When participating in online activities or online surveys, this website may ask users to provide their names, ID numbers, phone numbers, emails, addresses, etc. This website may also obtain personal data from business partners.

Login to the website: When users take the initiative to log in to this website to obtain information about products and related services, your emails, website profile, and other data may be retained due to operational requirements.

Advertisers and links: The vendors placing advertisements on this website or websites linked to this website may also collect the user’s personal information. These advertising vendors or linked sites should have their privacy protection policies, and their data processing measures cannot be applied to this website’s privacy protection policy. This website shall not bear any joint responsibility. For personal data provided by the users in clubs, communities, etc. on this website, they are not covered under the scope of this website’s privacy protection policy.

Online shopping: If users perform online shopping at third-party websites through linking this website before obtaining online shopping services from this website, the other parties should have their privacy protection policies, and this website shall not bear any joint responsibility.

In addition to the above statements, this website will retain relevant records generated by users on the server when browsing or querying on the Internet, including the IP address of the connection, time of use, browser used, browsing, and clicked data and records. These data are used for a comprehensive analysis of website traffic and online behavior surveys within this website to improve its service quality. Studies are only done on the total behavior of all users and not on individual users.   

2.    Use of personal data:  

About online activities and online surveys, the names and ID numbers of the respondents collected on this website are provided only to serve as the basis for sweepstakes. We will use the information such as telephones, emails, and addresses to inform the respondents of the results of the sweepstakes and analyses. Unless otherwise agreed upon by the respondents, this website will not use the information for other purposes.

Apart from announcing the list of winners based on the reasonable needs of the activity, this website will never publish any information about individual respondents.

After the users have taken the initiative to register as members on this website, their information will only be used by this website for services or references for event hosting.    

3.    Amendment of personal information:

After registering as members on this website, users can use their IDs and passwords to change any personal information previously entered at any time.

4.    Sharing personal data with third parties:

This website will not arbitrarily sell, exchange, or rent any user’s data to other third parties.   

5.    Send emails such as member newsletters

This website will only send e-newsletters with your consent, which may include some commercial messages. Besides indicating that this website sent the email, it will also provide you with a way to stop receiving these materials or emails at any time. 。    

6.    Use of cookies:  

Cookies allow the web server to identify the user data. When a general webpage is read, the server cannot determine whether the user has visited, the visiting frequency, and other information. Therefore, when browsing the webpage, the server will write a short message to the user’s hard disk through the browser. The next time when the browser requests the server to return the webpage, it will send cookie data to the server first. The server can judge the user based on the cookie data. With the user’s visiting data, the web server can analyze and conduct different actions or return specific information based on the diverse interests of different readers. This website will write and read the cookies in your browser under the following conditions:

(a) To provide better and more personalized services, thus facilitating your participation in customized interactive activities.

(b) To analyze the number of visitors and browsing modes to understand web browsing situations to serve a reference for improving the services of this website. If you choose to reject all cookies, you may not be able to use some personalized services or participate in some activities. You can decide to amend the acceptance level of cookies in your browser, including accepting all cookies, getting notified when setting cookies, rejecting all cookies, etc.    

7.    Protection of children’s privacy:

This website will not share the personal data of users under the age of 13 with the third parties, will not sell and rent personal data of users, nor will it intentionally send direct promotional commercial messages to users who have indicated that they are under the age of 13.。    

8.    Data security:

This website will try its best to protect all personal data with reasonable technology and procedures.    

9.    Privacy protection policy consultation:

If you have any questions about the privacy policy on this website, please use the customer service mailbox to reflect, and we will reply as soon as possible.

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